Wednesday, December 24, 2008

God Jul

You know, in the twenty and a bit since this Christmas song came out, I just realised nothing much has changed. We're still at war, people still starve and there's still a lot of hate and greed around.

Although next year doesn't look like sunshine and lollipops (a term I borrowed from friend back home), from the heart I hope you all have a peaceful, happy and healthy year and enjoy it with everyone you love.


Julefrokoster have been going on for weeks and there have been a LOT of very happy Danes around town.

And I know I’ve been a very absent blogger lately. I have many excuses but, I suppose none that good.

Last weekend, my work held its Christmas party. Unlike most, for our Julefrokost, the Big Boss flew all 200 of us all down and back on a charter jet to Majorca, that popular not-so-little island off Spain to celebrate the end of the year.

Not, in my opinion, that it’s one to celebrate. But, for 24 hours I forgot about a certain international crisis, crumbling shares and house prices and potential unemployment and simply lapped up about 10 hours of sunshine, temperatures of a comparatively heatwave-ish 15C, seafood and the most magnificent 5 star accommodation in an old castle perched up on top of a hill.

Yep, this was the room

The terrace - and from what I read, I sat in places Onassis, Pss Grace and Claudia Schiffer sat. I could get used to the lifestyle, I can tell you!

I had three baths - I hadn't had one for 6 months, since Stockholm

I guess I couldn’t have asked for much more

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pavement pizzas

Now, I know some of you think it is becoming my 'fetish' but over the the course of the weekend, there are a lot of 'pavement pizzas' to be found around Copenhagen.

This one greeted me and my bike as I was parking it this morning.

I'm just perplexed about what made it purple. Was it the purple Slurpee from the 7/11 or a cocktail concoction? Or beetroot salad and 83 beers?


And how did they feel yesterday?? :(

NQDII thinks I'm sick, but I can't help it!!